Cooktown is not only the perfect setting for a holiday in total luxury with tropical surroundings but it is also a town full of history and artefacts dating back to the years of Captain James Cook. Be prepared to experience a holiday like no other as you step back in time, as you immerse yourself in the town’s history as well as the million year old rainforest that surrounds you.

Within Cooktown you will be treated to exquisite dining, luxury accommodation, activities to great to name, attractions galore and excellent shopping which we all love to do while you are on holidays. As you wander the streets of the northern town in Queensland you find it hard not to completely immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere that is part of this tropical town. There beautiful parks and gardens, lookouts and monuments to the very famous Captain James Cook.

The beaches that fringe these shores provide some of the most crystal blue waters you will ever have the pleasure of swimming in. Though during the stinger season which is between the months of November through to May it is always suggested that you make use of the enclosed swimming areas or put on a stinger suit if you are going into the water. Though all of this aside it still isn’t a deterrent for thousands of people each year who come to Cooktown to venture into the waters. You will have on your doorstep the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef so dive on in and explore the every changing and awe-inspiring coral reefs.

Outside of Cooktown you can wander through lush tropical rainforests, swim in rock pools, visit plunging waterfalls and amazing national parks. So many outstanding tour operators run daily trips throughout the region so that you can have the chance to experience the best parts all for yourself.

So make the choice today to come to tropical haven of Cooktown for a holiday that will have your forgetting about your everyday stresses of life and just let you relax and kick back!

Flawless white sandy beaches, the earth’s oldest living rainforest, world-class diving, stunning tropical islands, bustling
cosmopolitan cities.

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